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  "Give me a minute, I'm good. If I've got a hour, I'm great. You give me 6 months, I'm unbeatable!" @Hannibal

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Man of Steel - a boys dream

A boys dream that came out, that is how I felt when I was employed at Double Negative (London) in January 2012. The sole reason why I woke up since I discovered 3D animation (Toy Story) when I was 16. I dreamed of becoming a successful VFX supervisor and in my world view at the time this job got me quite few steps closer to it.

2014 Resolutions

How are your New Year's Resolutions coming along?
I think that in the upcoming year quit a few things will be come more obvious, clearer but just not quite yet ;-)

CGI Food

Since computers and 3D animation technology is getting better and better, creating food pack-shots using CGI becomes a very viable option. The great advantage is that we can go beyond the limitation of real world elements such as the physical camera's, lights and let alone things like gravity and time. To create stunning images, that arouses your imagination.

Research project into photo-realistic computer generated liquid chocolate. Unlike many fluid solvers, my custom solver, has the unique ability to compute the thickness or the willingness to flow of the fluid. This results in more realistic results for things like chocolate, gelatine, honey, ketchup, paint, toothpaste or blood.

Showreel | Fall 2013